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Custom Landscape Design

Babylon Builders is highly experienced in providing you with a professional Realtime Landscaping Pro custom design video walk-through.  You can view everything in the landscape construction of your yard involved in softscape and hardscape such as; masonry, sod, plants, decks, patios, stairs, concrete, pavers, fence, retaining walls, walkways, boulders, ground covers, rocks, ponds, swimming pools and much more.

Featured Services

A serene backyard pond nestled among lush foliage, with a wooden bench situated nearby for peaceful contemplation. The pond is teeming with aquatic plants and fish, and its surface is calm and reflective, mirroring the beauty of the surrounding trees and plants.


Select from a diverse array of plants and sod to realize your dream yard. We also offer low maintenance, drought tolerant solutions, including artificial turf. From risers to a drip system, Babylon builders will install your sprinkler system carefully gauged for the amount of water required for each type of plant or sod.

Image of driveway showing pavers representing Hardscape


Babylon Builders can construct a smooth, broom, exposed aggregate finish, or stamped concrete with a variety of patterns from a brick look to flagstone and paver pattern and a variety of colors.

A newly installed wooden backyard fence viewed from the sidewalk. The fence is made of wooden panels that are evenly spaced and have a warm, natural tone. The fence features a decorative lattice top with square cutouts, adding a touch of elegance to the design. The fence stands tall and sturdy, providing privacy and security for the backyard. Beyond the fence, the green foliage of trees and shrubs can be seen, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.


There comes a time when your fence has to be rebuilt and we realize discussing it with your neighbors is sometimes a task.  Let us show you our fence work with experienced carpenters we have to build a simple redwood with lattice to custom cut high grade to wrought iron fences.

Square pavers arranged in a neat pattern on a backyard patio, surrounded by a lush green lawn and potted plants. The pavers are made of grey stone with a slightly rough texture and a matte finish, creating a rustic and natural look. The patio provides a perfect spot for outdoor entertaining, with ample seating options and a cozy fire pit in the center.

Stone & Pavers

Choose your desired type of stone or pavers and we’ll build you a patio or walkway the way you want.

A stunning tiered backyard with a cascading stone waterfall and lush landscaping. The waterfall flows gently from the top tier to the lower tiers, creating a soothing sound and a calming atmosphere. The tiers are made of natural stone and are surrounded by vibrant greenery, including trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Water Features

Experience the calming gentle sound of water-flow in your pond, fountain or creek-bed. Choose from a variety of materials; from river rock, moss to Sydney stone.

A charming front view of a house illuminated by elegant accent lighting. The warm glow of the lights highlights the unique features of the house. The landscaping is also illuminated, with light softly highlighting the greenery and flowers surrounding the house. The effect is a beautiful and cozy ambiance that makes the house feel like a welcoming home.

Lighting Design

Babylon Builders recommends commercial grade lighting, installed with beautiful light fixtures, transformer, and timer for automatic turn on and off.

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