Rails or no rails?  Steps or no steps?  Wood or Composite?  What to do?  Let us help you decide!

Some customers love the southern style with rails and multiple openings stepping down to a walkway or exit to a drive.  Decks can be one level or multi-leveled with steps to each level.  From the simple deck placed in its own location with no railing to the complex multi-leveled, we can do it all.  The choice homeowners are faced with for these current times is do we use wood or composite.  Wood offers a more natural and look and can be stained to match composite.  With either choice, sealing is necessary every one and a half years.  Put your trust in BGL and go with a semi-gloss choice.  Please look at our finished products to decide.  Our BGL Design Consultants are available to help assist you in making the best overall decision when considering all factors and options.  Color or non-color of concrete, pavers, retaining walls, walkways, plant color coordination, fencing, pergolas, lighting, safety, electrical, spray trajectory and distance of sprinklers.